Armed Forces Pension Group (AFPG)

Letters  received after the final meeting on 3 Sept 2015


     Dear Member,

    It was a sad occasion – the 3rd September – when finally the funds of AFPG were distributed as per the scanned letters attached hereto.

    However, it was time to call it a day for AFPG Limited.

   The monies that were distributed were largely accrued from those several members who declined the refund of the money that was awarded by the Solicitors Tribunal and then confirmed in Richmonds bankruptcy by being paid from the Solicitors’ Indemnity Fund.

    If any of you has any question please feel free to get in touch with me, preferably by email and I will endeavour to respond as promptly as possible.

    The letter from the CEO of the UJC refers to my having an operation. It is to my right shoulder and will result in my having limited, very, movement for a number of weeks – I am right handed.

   There is every reason why you should continue to harass your MP and advise the Press of the iniquity that we have to bear but please do so as a means of venting your displeasure only and not in the ardent hope of success. We have, each of us, spent hard grafted earnings on this campaign.

   To each of you I send my best wishes – and apologies to those to whom I should have written in detailed response to letters regarding the ‘winding-up’ od AFPG.

   If any one requires a copy of the accounts for the last 18 months of AFPG I will be pleased to send a copy in Excel format. However please make sure you include your details of membership.

   In any correspondence it would be helpful if you include the Subject – AFPG Limited, Final Item

   With best wishes to each of you and to your loved ones

Nigel  -  Nigel Lodge, former and final Director AFPG Limited

          Below are the letters of thanks from:- (double click one of the files a) to d) below to show document).

                    a) Royal Naval Benevolent Trust

                    b) ABF The Soldiers Charity

                    c) Royal Air Force Benevolent fund

                    d) Union Jack Club

Final Meeting on 3 Sept 2015

This is to give notice that the final  meeting of AFPG Limited will take place at:

The Union Jack Club

Sandell Street

(Opposite Waterloo Station’s Waterloo Road entrance)


Thursday 3rd September 2015

The meeting will be held in the Gasgoine Suite which has been booked from 11:30 until 17:00

The Gasgoine Suite is limited to 100 persons.

Entry to the Union Jack club is on presentation of a membership card or evidence of former service with the Armed Forces.

Please communicate your wish to attend to Nigel Lodge (remaining Director) by email to

It would be appreciated if your intention to attend was notified by close of play Thursday 20th August,  Please insert in the subject line “AFPG Winding-up” and nothing else. In the event that you are unable to email please feel free to call 01603 700505 between the hours of 08:00 and 21:30 only

The agenda is brief:

From 12:30 - Meet and Greet.

13:30 A brief interaction with an overview of the past and the iniquity of our circumstances

14:00 Formal presentation of donations, by cheques each in the sum of £8000.-. To:

Royal Naval Benefit Trust

Army Benevolent Fund

Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund

The decision to make the above donation was reached after letters were sent to the known addresses of all members of AFPG. Over 90% of those responding supported the above recommendation.

Coffee / Tea / Biscuits will be provided

There will be a cash bar and, of course, the usual dining facilities will be available to those who so wish.

Once the final bills have been settled any residuary sum will be donated to the Union Jack Club.

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